Blood Orange Cocktail

Hey zestin’ crew!

Chanda and I are in the full swing of prepping for catering, measuring fabric, counting mason jars, grocery shopping and trying to get a few zzzz’s every once in awhile amongst this week. Sounds like we need a drink, huh? We agree! So in the midst of the chaos, yesterday we sipped some blood orange cocktails while we worked into the wee night- these were so yummy and sweet- quite a tasty fall colored drink if you as me 🙂



  • Grand Marnier
  • Moscato wine
  • Blood Orange Juice
  • an Orange and sugar to dust it


Start with grabbing a cute cocktail glass, then be sure all your beverages are chilled- otherwise chill your glass. First pour one cup of blood orange juice, next up one shot of Grand Marnier and a helping of Moscato to follow. Cut your orange into wedges for garnish and coat with sugar, you can either bake your oranges to have more of a candied garnish or simply place on your rim. Enjoy!


I hope you truly enjoy this treat!recipe_template