Best app for tracking your little one’s growth

Before I even gave birth to this cute little nugget everyone would say how fast it goes! “You blink and before you know it they are graduating or you are walking them down the aisle.” Well people, we have officially survived one year and with complete confidence I can say- they were right!! Yes my little guy may still be in diapers but between holding his own bottle and waiving hello- he is already becoming quite the personality. Never has time seemed to have gone so fast….someone once told me that in this season with kids “the days are long but the years are short.” It rings so true. Often times I am looking at the clock wondering if it’s 7pm bed time for him yet, but then by 10pm sometimes I miss the little stinker (**sometimes- ha!).

All that to say, I had my fair warning and I took it to heart to attempt to be more present this year. I figured if I can’t slow down time I might as well record it and attempt to be in the moment. After all, lots of moments make up years of memories. I am very excited to show you a year’s worth of moments with my little man. I am a busy momma so I never seemed to get into the “monthly photoshoot” and taking the time to stage the perfect blanket or number chart to lay him on. I am more of the do “life as it’s coming” kind go gal…which for me meant dancing at work with him strapped to me…walking through Costco with a snotty face…throwing food because we can…getting lots of puppy cuddles and kisses (and I mean lots!)….or sneaking in a baby cuddle when he will actually be still for a moment. I set out on the year with a lofty goal of recording one second of little Ryker everyday…I will admit some days I missed my shot…but what made it SO easy for me to (mostly) achieve this goal was this awesome app-1 Second. Noooo I don’t get any sort of kick back or affiliates for recommending this app. I am just a momma trying to help other mommas be more present in an EASY way.

So with no further ado- here is Ryker from the moment I went in labor (hence my crazy face) to his latest big grin at one year!