Bento Box Lunch Inspiration

Lunch time can become your little “pick me up” right in the middle of the day, so with those expectations you need it to really deliver. Although I am just shy of the world of packing kids lunches, I know when that day comes it will be easy to get stuck in routine. After all, eating is a necessity and sometimes we struggle with mixing up the mundane everyday demands. I think one of the easiest ways to get outside of the box, is to get in the box. Ha- sorry. Couldn’t resist. 🙂 Grab yourself a bento box, I snagged mine at Grocery Outlet for seven bucks and I love that it is yellow AND expandable. So great! Your bento box will force you to create a balanced meal all the while staying organized!

When it comes to bento box lunches the sky really is the limit. Depending on your diet and if you have refrigeration or not, here is a brainstorm I did to help you get out of the pb&j or salad routine and mix it up, or shall I say “zest it up.” I suggest picking at least one item from each category….

  • Connector.


    turkey, deli meat, salami, chicken breast, rotisserie chicken, hummus, hardboiled egg, chick peas, edamame, cheese, yogurt, avocado, black beans, almond butter, tuna, quesadilla

  • Connector.


    popcorn, graham crackers, pretzels, almonds, pistachios, cashews, crackers, mini muffin, mini, bagel, quinoa, cous cous, pasta salad, pita bread, tortilla wrap, rice, granola, rice cakes, english muffin

  • Connector.


    kiwi, grapes, apples, berries, pineapple, dates, raisins, apple sauce, bananas, oranges, tangerine, strawberries

  • Connector.


    cucumbers, carrots, olives, cherry tomatoes, celery, bell pepper, snap peas, salad, broccoli, cauliflower, pickles, spinach, jicama

Happy Lunch time!