Beauty and the Beast Inspired Copper Earcuff

Soooo, this is almost becoming joke-worthy at this point.  Yep, here is another copper craft!  Go ahead, call us “obsessed.”  We are fine with it…we totally acknowledge it.  There is just something dazzling about this glowing orange hued metal.  It makes for so many awesome home decor pieces like this copper pour-over and this copper hose stand.  Now I am playing with copper wire for a little bit of bling for my wardrobe.

I don’t think I was the only one obsessed with Belle’s gorgeously unique earcuff in the latest Beauty & the Beast movie.  You know, the magic scene with her whooshing yellow dress and the majestic waltz between her and the Beast.  If you didn’t manage to see it and fall in love, you should seriously check it out.  It was the perfect icing to that stunning silk gown.  I loved it so much that I decided to play a little with wire, so that I could have my own little interpretation of that statement piece.



copper wire

jewelry pliers


Take time to play with design.  I started by creating a simple flat coil.


And then I kind of bent it into a cliff note shape.  This will sit at the top of my ear.


Bend it back so that it will wrap towards the back of your ear and then bring it forward again to create another design element that will rest on the front of your ear mid-ear.


Repeat by bending it back and then bringing it forward again to create the last design element that will rest on your lobe.  Have fun with making spirals and loops.

I may not be ready to don a bright yellow silk gown, but I am loving this little bit of bling for summer days and updos.  This is a perfect craft for playing because it feels so much like doodling.

Cheers to another creative outlet!  Wire jewelry 😉