Bamboo Make-up Organizer


Do you go out of town and find yourself throwing all your make up, toothbrush, and toiletries all into one bag?? That’s me! I saw this idea and was so excited to give it a try, not only will it make getting ready while you are out traveling easier but also will be much more sanitary- keeping your brushes cleaner and lasting longer! Check it out, so easy and no sewing involved! Time to find and fix it!


Supplies for project: hot glue gun, bamboo mat, and elastic

Got your supplies?? So start off with a piece of elastic that is longer than what you actually need, it will make life easier believe me! Now start weaving the elastic through and making it hug the brush tightly….

someone weaving the elastic around the make-up brushesKeep weaving, the excess elastic will just hang out the side and make it easier to adjust later Once you have all your brushes secure and woven in between the elastic, go ahead adjust the elastic if you need to make it more even- otherwise clip the ends….

someone hot gluing the two ends togethertime to put a little dot of hot glue to secure the elastic. All done with one side, now for the next!

make-up brushes placed in the holderall done! and so easy to wrap up for on the go…

bamboo make-up holder rolled up would be super cute to hot glue ribbon on the side and tie up the little bundle with a bow!

Wahoo! Simple and cute and organized, these would make for great gifts for a shower or bachelorette!