Backyard Camping

Hello there!

I grew up going camping every summer.  One of my favorite parts of camping is sitting by the campfire each night, being with my family, and creating that perfect s’more.  It’s all about roasting your marshmallows until their golden-brown.  It’s definitely worth the wait.  Some people claim they like their’s burnt…I think they’re just impatient.

I have not had a chance to go camping this summer, so I decided to bring back the memories by making s’mores in my backyard.


Essential Materials: graham crackers, chocolate bar, marshmallows (not pictured)



The luxury about camping in your backyard is you have access to all kinds of goodies! I put a little twist on the traditional graham, chocolate, and mallow s’more by adding my favorite candy and fruit.





Put it all together…

IMG_6244Yummy, yummy, and yummy


I call that a gourmet s’more.