Back Porch Bakery


We admittedly get excited when we see other foodies follow their passion and set off on ventures that are inspiring and delicious at the same time.  Honestly, we are cheerleaders whenever and wherever we see all those components collide, but when it is in our own hometown…we can’t help but cheer a little louder.

Sam and I are pretty savvy when it comes to noticing new establishments.  We are always scoping the signage as we drive around being busy little beavers, and we are always ears when someone has something good to say about an eatery.  Such was the case with Back Porch Bakery.  You know how it is when foodies chat.  Voices start getting louder and more shrill as we start talking about some amazing something that we just had at such-and-such-a-place.  Well, that is basically how things went when we were casually visiting Whitnie and Casey of Paper Cake Events.  We basically ping-ponged all over the place verbally until we landed on one of Whitnie’s new favs.  She told us that the almond croissants at Back Porch Bakery were hands-down, the best croissants that she has eaten in the US.  Since I implicitly trust her culinary aesthetic, I was more than a little excited to hustle on over and grab a taste!

back porch bakery_0002

back porch bakery_0000

Adjacent to the historical Carlton Hotel, Back Porch Bakery has a bright and charming space laden with warm brick work and loads of fresh baked goods.  Serving Kreuzberg coffees, I was more than a little ready for a cup of brew and a killer pastry.
back porch bakery_0004back porch bakery_0005

Say “hello” to a beautiful amande croissant and pain au chocolat!

back porch bakery_0006

Their laminated dough is absolute perfection!  I could hardly believe the skill here.  I honestly have not had anything this good outside of Paris.

back porch bakery_0007back porch bakery_0008

It is befitting that such a poetic dough has a poetic origin.  I adored the story that unfolded when I asked after how such a wonderful place came to be.  As it turns out, Back Porch Bakery began on a literal back porch.  The proprietor, Dan,  began as a hobbiest who would throw up a flag on his back porch when there was fresh bread.  Neighbors learned to flock to Dan’s back porch to indulge in his delicious “hobby” of baking unbelievable breads.  The skills that Dan learned abroad shortly became so sought after that he soon began supplying local restaurants of taste with his wonderful creations.  Now, he has officially transitioned his Atascadero based supply bakery into a storefront for lovers of good bread to come and unite over both breakfast and lunch creations.

Hahaha, bring on the calories!!  These are soooo worth it!
back porch bakery_0010back porch bakery_0011

Of course, they are taking it up a notch by crafting some beautiful sammies with these killer croissants.  This little number is all swanky with a basil aioli, prosciutto, gruyere, and tomato.  What the heck, right?  Simple and beautiful ingredients doing their thang!

back porch bakery_0012back porch bakery_0013back porch bakery_0014back porch bakery_0015back porch bakery_0016

This little gem is worth the trip up the grade!  If you are not used to Atascadero having any culinary draws, get ready for things changing.  Back Porch Bakery is one of those special places that will become a repeat treat for many of y’all.

Bon apetit peeps!