Baby Nursery Inspiration: Ryker ‘s room

Well we are in full baby fever over here at the Nason’s- from learning this whole breast feeding gig to constant rocking, swaddling, diaper changing and cuddles- Billy and I are over a week out and in disbelief that time is flying by this fast. Although the little guy is currently sleeping in his moses basket in our room, we are thankful to not have the extra stressor of building the nursery still. We nested quite a bit before the little guy made his way into our world and managed to have Anya out to snap some photos. When it comes to design for Ryker’s room, I knew I wanted to take the “color scheme” route more than the “theme” route like winnie the pooh or camping, etc. Overtime I found myself gravitating towards grey, black, white, blue and big surprise here…..mustard yellow- ha! I guess I just can’t get away from my fave color!! Billy LOVES all things panda so when I scored this epic Panda portrait by Simon Te at Home Goods I knew that this room would take a turn for pandas! (Hence the black and white accents). Simon actually has an entire series on animals, so I was equally excited when I found his Giraffe portrait to compliment my panda at TJ Maxx. From there everything just started to fall into place … let’s tour!

Billy and I wanted to have two main accent walls, one that is wood we painted white after nailing into the wall to create the rustic shiplap look, and the other mustard yellow. The wood definitely warped over time with the sudden change in temperature, but we actually really like the imperfect rustic look.

I know I have said it before, but we feel SO blessed to have so many great friends and family here to welcome Ryker into our family. With that, we know some pretty zesty peeps! We had so many heartfelt handmade gifts given to us for the little guy. I am super excited to show off some of those items that were made with love. Starting my little DIY train is this felt ball mobile that I actually made here.

The fuzzy blankie in the moses basket was made with love by sweet Polly Jane, she is the ultimate zester! We met Polly Jane through the lovely world of Instagram and have both become big fans of eachother. Polly Jane collects old cashmere sweaters from thrift stores and recycles them into gorgeous scarves, pins and if you are extra lucky- baby blankets!! I am a little jealous of Ryker’s blankie, I want one of my own! hahha- thank you Polly!!

This adorable moon mobile pictured below was made by our good friend Faith Kenny whom is a talented ceramicist. I love that her hands sculpted each piece- truly handmade with intent. I hung this little moon and star mobile right by the door so it’s the first and last thing I will see when greeting my little man.

These adorable little elephants were made by our good friend Kate while she was in Africa this past year- so awesome!! I love the fabric, the beads and the fact that they bring a little piece of adventure to his room.

Auntie Chanda Panda made this round weaving for the little dude’s room. I LOVE the colors, the chunky factor as well as that it’s a round weaving- way more unique! She actually did a blog post on it here if you want to re-create!

Boy is this little peanut spoiled when it comes to the blanket department! Between my friend Jessie, Chanda andddd my Momma (now grammy!) he has three gorgeous chunky mustard yellow and grey blankets all made with love!! Spot on when it comes to colors ladies!! (insert emoji hear eyes!!!)

Chanda got extra zesty for the baby shower as well and hand painted all these little quotes…”be wise, be clever, be kind, be curious” so I couldn’t resist but hang them above his closet to add some extra pops of color and character.

Welcome to your little corner of the world Ryker!