Avo Avo Avo

I love avocados!

Thanks to my roommate, Alana, I recently became familiar with some of the different varieties.  Once I saw the enormous avocado sitting on our kitchen window, I had to ask where the heck it came from.  She filled me in….it turns out it is normal.

She saw I was so intrigued, and insisted on taking me to the farm.


She showed me about 13 different types of avocados.


Avocado Trees


Look at the size of this!  The left one is the usual size you see at the grocery store.

Up next to the Queen avocado, it looks tiny!



Below are five different varieties and some notes on each of their characteristics!

avocados 3IMG_1284


Queen    Size: 20-30 oz.                                   Little Cado    Size: 10-12 oz.                                   Jim    Size: 6-16 oz.

Color: dull purple                                                       Color: green                                                   Color: green

Shape: Pear                                                                 Shape: pear                                                     Shape: necky pear

Skin: rough, medium thick                                     Skin: medium thin                                        Skin: thin


Gwen    Size: 6-15 oz.                                   Lamb Haas    Size: 10-18 oz.

Color: green                                                              Color: black

Shape: thick ovoid                                                   Shape: pear

Skin: medium                                                            Skin: pebbly


Just thought it was interesting to see the differences in the different types of avocados.


Avocado Recipes

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5 min. Grilled Avocado:  http://unsophisticook.com/grilled-avocado-recipe/

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Bye Bye for now!