Antique Shopping in Grandma’s Garage

Hi Zesters! I just arrived home from a weekend visit from my grandmother’s house in the hot and humid Las Vegas, Nevada! The weekend was filled with family, trips down memory lane, and lots of cleaning! But the cleaning wasn’t too terrible, especially since my sister and I got generously compinsated with some of my new favorite antique pieces to date! You see, my grandmother and grandfather were antique collectors and distributors… so lets just say their garage is a little slice of vintage heaven!


Shelves & shelves of original mason jars, Coca Cola bottles, medicine jars, old perfume bottles, etc… How does a girl choose!?



All shapes, sizes, colors, and labels!


Ah! So many bottles!


There were also some amazing old cigar boxes… this one was filled with old bottle caps and lids!


My grandpa was a singer, so my dad wanted to clean out the vinyl collection to try and find my grandpa’s record…


Of course, my grandma knowing my love for records, insisted on me taking some home 🙂


And finally, there was the book collection. My grandma is a painter, an avid reader and traveler so I just knew I would be browsing over these books for hours!


Loving art myself and having a little obsession with typography and advertisement, she generously gave me her collection of advertising and publishing books from the years 1942-1956!

Not only did I acquire some priceless pieces, but spending that time with my family and getting to hear back stories behind these amazing finds was truly unforgettable. So successfully making it out of Las Vegas without melting AND with over a dozen amazing old bottles, an advertising and publishing book collection, old school vinyls, and two old fruit crates…. I would say it was a weekend well spent!

Hope you guys enjoyed checking out all my “new” collectables! 🙂

xx Brittany