Anthropologie Hack Easy Pop Pom Curtain

We have been in our little Zesty shop for about a year now and the work around our space never seems to end- kinda like owning a home huh? But I can admit, Chanda and I love our DIY and having the opportunity to make a space our own really makes us giddy and constantly leaves us feeling blessed to have a workspace that represents us!! Although we live a pretty crazy zesty life, we don’t necessarily want a mess to represent us! (If we can help it- ha!) So when I saw these kitchen shelves getting cluttered with chaos I knew I needed to find a quick solution. Ehmm I think Chanda agrees by the look in her eyes- tee hee!! Now if you know us both you know we love color, pattern and pom pom balls! If you know me, you know that I really do not enjoy sewing- true story. So what happens when we put all this together? I whip up a cute Anthropolgie inspired easy sew curtain!

PVC pipe or curtain rod
Fixture to hang curtain rod
Curtain clips
Thread & Needle
Pom Pom Balls

First I spray painted a PVC pip we had up in our junk I mean treasure pile for my thrifty “curtain rod.” (of course I measure to make sure it was the correct length of my shelf span first)

spray pain  pvc pipe for curtain rod

Next I measured and cut my fabric to be the correct width and length of my desired space.

measure and cute fabric for curtain

I made my own pom pom string by buying some pom poms from the 99 cents store and then stringing them together with needle and thread. This allowed for me to play around with colors and patterns!

string together pom poms with needle and thread

I folded the edge of my fabric about 1/2 inch to create a seem. Next I used straight pins and a measuring tape to space out my pom pom loops and pin in place all along the base of my curtain.

pin pom poms in place

Time to bust out the sewing machine. You don’t understand how badly I was dreading this part, but truly- it wasn’t thatttt bad and is SO worth is when you see the end!!

sew pom poms on seem

Patience and before you know it you are hanging your curtain up!! I used some hooks to hang the PVC pip from the ceiling because I had a large light I had to avoid, depending on your space you can use regular curtain rod holders. Then slide those curtain clips on with ease!

clip completed curtain to rod

Not only did this turn out SO cute but it does the perfect job at hiding our ugly mess- two for one!!

anthropology inspired curtainpom pom hassle curtain

So excited to shimmy that curtain open and closed!