All Natural Toy Cleaner

Well it’s officially the thick of cold season, how is your family holding up? Even if you are eating fabulous leafy greens and taking those vitamins, it’s pretty hard to avoid the causal sneeze at the grocery store or the handrail as you enter the gym. As fate would have it your little’s are not overlooked when it comes to these germs on the hunt! I am loving this all natural spray cleaner I recently made for my little dude’s toys and nursery. Not only does it smell great from the antibacterial essential oils I dropped in it, but it’s kid-friendly AND eco-friendly. Instead of wasting hundreds of sani wipes wiping down everything I can use one towel and a few spritz of my all natural toy cleaner. Happy to share this recipe with all you Mommy Maker’s out there…now back onto tackling those germs!!


Castille soap (baby) or Sal’s Suds All Purpose

Spray bottle


Tea tree essential oil(optional)

Straight from Dr. Bronner’s website, I found a great dilution cheat sheetto help with this all natural cleaner formula…

Recipe:1⁄4 cup soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Add 1⁄4 tsp. tea tree essential oil if desired.

Now that we are all squeaky clean it’s play time…

Or in my little guy’s case- it’s chew time!! Well helllooooo teething!

Happy cleaning and more importantly- playing!