All natural DIY bug spray hack

essential oils and sweet almond oil with spritzerpour almond oil in funneldrop lavender oil shake mixture

Shake the mixture to combine well.

Next it’s time to label your bottle with washi tape and spray away!

I store mine in this glass spray bottle in my medicine cabinet and have had no issues with consistency or anything. Simply give a shake every time you use and spray!

I have always been one to play around with natural cleaning supplies, making my own laundry detergent and learning the endless opportunities of working with essential oils, but as baby boy will soon make his appearance into our little family it only fans my flame to keep with all natural products more. Ideally these products would take the added stressor away from curious tiny hands getting into harmful products, but also let’s face it- it’s way cheaper to make your own products too! Two for one in my book!! I know the big question you might be asking yourself though is, do they work? Well you never know until you try- and in your case thankfully I have tried and the answer is yes! haha. Today I am taking a stab at making my very own all natural bug spray- although we are in full fall swing we still are enjoying some warmer nights on the patio and this spray will come in so handy!!

measure almond oildrop tea tree oil

Add all your oils to the bottle. Use a funnel to help with the sweet almond oil. The almond oil will help with moisturizing the skin while also acting as a carrier agent for the essential oils.

drop peppermint oilspray bug spray

Bye Bye Buggies!