Accent Wall Inspiration

So we have officially lived in our new house for about 6 months now- boy how time flies!!! With that said it has begun to look and feel a little more like home with each day and lets face it- with each project! One of my favorite things about moving is the opportunity to start fresh and create a new space, even if you are using decor and furniture you have always had 🙂 So with that, I loved our new talllllll ceilings- but our walls are so plain! Literally every single wall is the same color, that screams “zest meeee.” So Billy and I were up for the challenge, first was his project he tackled.

someone standing up a ladder taping off the ceiling

man standing on ladder with strips tapped down the wall in painters tape geometric pattern taped on wall with painters tape yellow paint painted over geometric pattern that was taped onto the wall with painters tape tape peeled off and revealing the geometric design underneath the yellow paint

Gotta love that bright pop of color now! The best part is this project was cheap and easy! I got the paint from restore  and unlike chevron, honeycomb or even stripes this pattern was fairly simple but oh so gratifying! I love how it looks like abstract trees 🙂

Now onto the entry way, I wanted to exaggerate the height of the ceiling and draw the eye upward- what better way than to literally point upward with some arrows?

Grab your tape!

wall being taped off with painters tape lilac wall with an arrow design in white

Turned out pretty fun huh? I snagged this paint in the “oops” section at Home Depot for cheap too! Then it was time to tape again (this is the time consuming part but so worth it!)

front entry of a house with a lilac wall and arrow design on the wall

Thanks for stopping by and zestin’ up your friday!!