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With being 12 years apart, Sam and I might seem an unlikely pair for a set of best friends. The truth is, our friendship ignited through shared passions and interests. It’s a kind of a kindred spirit type thing. Then, five years ago, we met up over coffee and had one of those transformative conversations that you mark in time. We started sharing about our future dreams and inspiration. It was a conversation that was riddled with “Someday I want to….” After a pretty darn animated tag-teaming of great ideas, I stopped Sam short and said “SAM! Why don’t we stop saying, ‘Someday I want to…” and let’s make someday, TODAY. Have you ever had a transformative moment like that? It was awesome, and our perspective completely changed. In that moment, Zest it Up was born. A perfect expression of our approach to life. Our passion for sharing and teaching wonderfully balanced with our love of DIY, food, and celebration.

At first, we dove into letting our creativity loose through our daily blog where we pounded away at DIY projects and recipes that we hoped would inspire others. Our first project was an old desk and office chair that we rescued from the side of the road and gave a second life. We always joke that we began Zest it Up with the all-in capital of some spray paint and Gorilla glue.
Shortly after, we took our design and culinary skills and began creating one-of-a-kind special events for our clients.

As we continue to teach through our blog and help clients realize their dreams, we continue to expand upon the Zest it Up lifestyle. Through video tutorials, guest writing on other reputable networks, and working with local makers to create an artisan online shop chock full of beautiful and practical pieces, we continue to cultivate the zesty lifestyle.



Chanda Brown

As a mama of three, I work daily to figure out how to balance my many hats. As co-founder of Zest, I get the exhilaration of working with an amazing community while getting to stretch and flex my creative muscles every single day. I guess I love riddles and conundrums, because nothing gets me more excited than puzzling my way through motherhood and entrepreneurship. Currently, my puzzler is sore with navigating my kids’ transition from childhood to the world of “teenagedom,” figuring out the ins and outs of web design, keeping on point with cooking and gathering my fam around the table every night, and growing Zest with my best friend, “Samela!”

Samantha Nason

With a love addiction to making things pretty, creating delicious flavor combos, and hosting too many parties- launching Zest has really become an extension of growing…messing up…learning….teaching and creating things I naturally already love and find in my “everyday.” Thankfully I have a business soulmate to do all the above with me so we can giggle along the way. I also have an amazing teammate and cheerleader, my hubby Billy, whom constantly reminds me to keep creating and loving peeps no matter the outcome. As we grow our little Nason family I am excited to grow our Zest family, so nice to meet you!!

Spirit animal? Butterfly (take the test on the link below!)
Go-to road trip snack? Cheetos- love a good crunch!
Guilty pleasure? The Bachelor
Favorite ingredient? Coconut oil
Favorite outdoor activity? Bike ride & swimming
Childhood dream job? Ballerina/Hair Stylist
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Most epic concert? Pitbull (time to dance!!)
First job? Lifeguard and swim instructor
NY resolution? Drinking more water
Favorite item to borrow from Chanda? Cowboy boots
Go to cocktail? Moscow Mule

Spirit animal? Owl (take the test on link below!)
Go-to road trip snack? Cheetos all the way
Guilty pleasure? Netflix binging
Favorite ingredient? Garlic
Favorite outdoor activity? Hiking, kayaking
Childhood dream job? Ballerina/Psychologist
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Most epic concert? Vivildi @ Warwick Castle (fireworks, strawberries n cream, yep enough said)
First job? Assisted a CPA
NY resolution? Balance & Health
Favorite item to borrow from Sam? Shoes
Go to cocktail? Grey Goose martini straight up, 3 olives..or an Old Fashion

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