A Thankful Tree for Thanksgiving

Minion Monday

Halloween is officially done.  The little goblins and ghosts have turned back into your familiar faced kids, except for the remnants of candy bags lurking in the cupboards.  Or maybe you are the smart moms who traded for candy, donated to the food shelter, or just plain old threw it away.  Regardless, hopefully the sugar highs are subsiding and you find yourself switching gears.  Halloween is fun, but it tends to be a pretty dang selfish holiday.  Think about it, the big questions are “What do I want to be?” and “How much candy am I going to get?”  The energy is high and fun, but I like to switch gears pretty fast and get the kids thinking in a different direction.

Obviously, I am a foodie.  So, I can tend to think of Thanksgiving Day as Turkey Day.  But, I really like getting our hearts as a family to focus on the bigger picture.  It is a time to be intentional.  Quality time is important, and I love finding ways that have the kids and I slowing down a bit to think on what we are thankful for….it is a great way to touch your child’s heart.  I guess that was the motivation for this little project.  Time to collect some nature with my little one, time to think on what we are thankful for, time to craft, and time to giggle.

thankful for frame_0000



old frame

scrap booking paper

painter’s tape

Scotch tape

hot glue gun

Sharpie paint pen in white

Sharpie in black

mini clothespins (from a craft store)

fall leaf print out from Oil & Blue

thankful for frame_0001

These steps are more for mom.  Since I didn’t have a backing to my frame, I figured it might help to show you how I deal with an empty frame.

thankful for frame_0001

First measure out some cute scrap booking paper for the background, and then trace it out onto some cardboard that you can cut out for your new backing.

thankful for frame_0002thankful for frame_0003

Slyly tape the paper to the cardboard so things do not slide.  Then, place it into your frame using some common tacks in the corners to keep things sturdy.

thankful for frame_0007

Finally, use some painter’s tape to seal the back.

thankful for frame_0008

Now, you are ready to craft with the kids!!

thankful for frame_0010

First, go on a little nature walk to collect your twigs.  You can use this time to talk about what it means to be thankful and what thankfulness does in our own hearts.  It is amazing how when we acknowledge things, we appreciate them so much more!

When you get back, print out this awesome fall leaf cut out from Oil & Blue.  I found the original here but I shrank the image size down to 350×294 for this project.

Fall Leaves Printable Template by oilandblue

I left cutting out these intricate shape to mom.

thankful for frame_0012

Make sure to create a simple leaf stencil that little hands can cut out with ease while you are cutting out the elaborate leaves.

thankful for frame_0013

thankful for frame_0014thankful for frame_0015

When all the leaves are cutout and ready, take time to talk some more about what your sweetie is thankful for in their lives…you might be surprised by what you hear.

thankful for frame_0016

After your list is complete (and all spelled correctly 😉 ), go ahead and give your kiddo free reign in penning their thankful words onto all the cutout leaves.


Play with the twigs from your scavenging, until you find a shape that makes a nice tree.  Secure the twigs and the “Thankful” title with hot glue.

Next, using tiny “clothespins,” let your little one pinch the thankful leaves into place.

thankful for frame_0017thankful for frame_0018thankful for frame_0019

How adorable is my little Zester!?!  Evangeline is good at melting my heart 🙂

thankful for frame_0020thankful for frame_0021

Praying you have many sweet moments this holiday, even when things feel hectic.