A Room Fit for a Sweet Sixteen

Today’s post is near and dear to my heart!  Sam and I (along with our awesome assistant, Kristi) got to totally surprise a sweet friend for her sweetest of Sweet Sixteens!  Here is how it went down:

Over a month ago, her mom called me up and asked if we would be sneaky while Darcy went off for a major competition back east with her FFA team.  She would be gone from a Sunday to a Sunday (or rather til 12:30am Sunday).  The mission?  Give Darcy a peaceful space that screamed her personality.  It was time for a full room makeover…and we were TOTALLY ready to accept!  Darcy is the sweetest, feistiest, goofiest, and smartest almost 16 year old that we know.  This was going to be a blast and an epic surprise!  Aside from a couple of boo-boo texts to Darcy, thinking I was texting her mom, we managed a complete transformation and a COMPLETE surprise.  Check out the before and after shots.  The change was huge, but wait til you see her adorably surprised reaction!



As you can see, she wasn’t short on space.  It was just misused and crowded with furniture.  It was time to make this room, with it’s large closet and private bathroom, feel lush, spacious and peaceful.  The great news for us was that Darcy had already made a Pinterest board titled “My Future Room!”  Boy did that make inspiration a cinch after a little bit of creepin’.

We knew she wanted a turquoise blue palette accented with orange, but our job was to figure out how to mellow such zingy colors in the space.  Obviously, we were not about to paint any walls orange or turquoise.  However, the burgandy and green walls were in need of a facelift to open up the space.  Our solution was simple: a chalkboard accent wall (a major plus for any teenage girl) and the rest would get a wash of cottage white.  The idea was to let the light in!  No more dark dungeon for a room and study area.  This girl rocks honors classes, A’s, sports, FFA, etc….she needed a space that would help her feel inspired and focused.  Oh, and a rather chill pad for the girlz to hangout in!!

So, here we go!



Chalkboard wall on it’s way to completion.  After two coats of chalkboard paint, I decided to make it a little more “Darcy” by drawing some designs in gold sharpie.  I love how the gold ink turned out against the black paint.  So cute with a touch of glam!


After painting the trim turquoise and the rest of the room cottage white, we began on window treatments.  This was such a score!  Not one day later, after deciding that we wanted to keep the orange accent rather rusty to complement the brightness of the turquoise, we discovered an insane bolt of gorgeous rust and gold tapestry at GoodWill.  Seriously!  It was such a decadent fabric that we jumped at it.  Curtains and pillows?  Order up!!


As you can see by the desk we were sewing on, we brought in some rather French inspired pieces of furniture that were more in proportion to the space.  The large glass desks that were previously in the room were too cumbersome and used up way too much precious floor space.


Oh, and who would not love an oversized chalkboard above their cute little French desk?  We simply painted the wall and framed it with some old base boards salvaged from an old house renovation.  Oh, and why not chalkboard-up an old silver platter while we were at it!?!  Too cute.

Ok, the painting was done.  The curtains were done.  Time for finishing touches, like a branch from her yard, twinkle lights, a white shag rug, new bedding, and more.  After we were done, I don’t think any of us wanted to leave.  It is definitely a hang-worthy pad now!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATeen_girl's_room_makeover_0288Teen_girl's_room_makeover_0293

Since the girl loves her sparkle, we had to use gold, silver, crystal and sequins.  Did you notice that lampshade above?  Ridiculous, right?  So great.


Oh, and that chalkboard wall!


And then into the bathroom!


And then back out of the bathroom….


And last but not least, here is a panoramic shot of our surprise makeover.


Remember my mentioning that the surprise was going to be when Darcy returned home at 12:30am Sunday morning.  Well, since Sam and I were finished wrapping up a beautiful wedding that night, we decided to pop in for the surprise.  Boy were we tired, but it was so worth it!


Wowzers!  SO many pictures.  I am a bit dizzy, but I hope you are inspired!!


Chanda & Sam

ps Happy Sweet Sixteen beautiful girl!!