A Repurposed Work Table

Happy Monday morning!!!  It’s Chanda here, breathing deep as it’s the first official day of summer vacation.  I can hardly believe I survived all the class parties, graduations, and end-of-year bonfires at the beach (I know, poor baby…kinda have to pinch myself that this is my life 🙂 ).  But seriously, this was an emotionally super-charged couple of days.  My youngest graduated from Kindergarten (gulp) and my oldest graduated from sixth grade (gulp…gulp).  There was laughter and there were tears….and after all the Schizo emotions subsided (a bit), I got to Zest Up a photo-shoot and then head to Avila where I had the blessed chance to slow down and yuck-it-up with good friends.  While we mellowed around a blazing hot beach fire, all our kids soaked up their first tastes of summer….feeding sea urchins, catching baby crabs, getting tossed by the waves and climbing rocks.  I am so thankful for my friends and family….oh no, I feel more tears coming on!

The other great thing about the first of summer, is not having to rush off to do the whole school drop-off thing.  Instead, I nursed a cup of coffee in my yard while my kids and I leisurely chatted away.  Check out my new coffee-klatch area in my yard!

DSC_2192As you can see, nice on the greenery, but no place for a cup o’ joe.  Time to do some repurposing!  With a little creativity and a trip to the garage, I came up with this….

DSC_2194I know, a little lack-luster.  Just give me a sec……

DSC_2196How about a vintage mirror?  Mmmmm, I’m lovin’ the reflection of my crepe myrtle…very lush.  Now to camouflage the “legs” a bit.

DSC_2197Old barn wood is always a good choice, I think.

DSC_2198Better, but time for some more greenery.

DSC_2199I grabbed some indoor plants that really needed to get some fresh air….I’m liking my little creation.  Time to jazz up the top!

DSC_2200I don’t know, mirrors just love silver!

DSC_2203Oh yes! I’m happy!

DSC_2202DSC_2205DSC_2201Don’t you just love a quickie makeover that doesn’t require nails, saws, hammers or anything?  Ahhhhh, now for another cup of coffee……

Enjoy your Monday!