A Repurposed Picket

Tee-hee…check out what Sam and I pulled over for today!old picket fence board resting against a water heater I know it doesn’t look like much, but when I turned it over, I fell in love with the patina.

supplies: picket fence board, drill, screws, coat hangersYep, that is pure age there!  No sand paper required.

I could tell that despite the patina, the board was very sturdy and strong.  So, I decided to try and figure out some clever little project to do today.  Hmmmm, a search on Pinterest for a quick and easy DIY project brought me up short.  My solution was to start hunting in my drawer of hardware….and I am loving what I came up with.  Check it out!

hammer taking out old rusted nail from the picket fence board First step was to remove the old nails.  A little bending and pounding on the point side of the nails set them loose, falling free onto the ground.  Easy. Now for some cool hinges. I attached them to the back of the board, and then flipped the whole thing over to attach some hooks.

an old rusty hinge being drilled into the backside of the picket fence boardcoat hangers drilled into the front side of the picket fence board Now for a little pizazz….or just some pragmatic labeling.

someone writing school days on the picket fence board With some screws, a level, and a screwdriver, and…..viola!  I fixed up this cool discarded picket AND I solved the backpacks landing on the floor every weekday at 3pm.  Yesssss!

picket fence hanger attached to the wall Look at those glorious backpacks….with a purpose and a place!  I guess that is one more thing that gets me closer to checking off one of my New Year’s resolutions: gettin’ organized!  Pretty cute, right?

picket fence hanger with backpacks hanging from it

Have an awesome Friday night!