A Quick and Easy Valentines Hair-Do

Hello zesters!! Here we are a little less than a week away from Valentines day!! Any hot dates planned? This is an easy “go to” hairstyle for when you are in a hurry, going on a date or it’s raining like today and you want all your hair up! Chanda did my hair but I promise this is something you can do to yourself, just some quick braids and pins and you are set!!


Step one, braid your hair into three even sections and tie them off


easy_valentine_date_hair_braided_french_chignon_updo_with_diy_hairpins_0004Almost done…


Now loosen up your braid a bit by pulling the sides of the braid outward and working your way down the braid


Next twist the braid into a circle, that’s right little princess leah cinnamon buns!! Then secure with a few bobby pins


Chanda thought she would just snag my earrings for an extra special statement, work it girl!


Ooooh La La


And there you have it!! Quick and easy but oh so fashionable, now you are ready for your Valentines hot date!!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton