A Pumpkin Carving Party

This is a special time of year…it’s the official kick-off of the holiday season!  And it is always ushered in by my aunt and uncle’s annual Pumpkin Carving Party Every year, they bless their family and friends with a beautiful, hot meal, plenty of desserts and candy, pumpkin carving tools galore, games, and everyone else BYOP (bring your own pumpkin).

This year aunt totally knocked it out of the park…even in the midst of her crazy week of juggling an insane number of balls.  My hat is off to you, dear.  Check it out!

The first thing everyone did as they entered her warm home was to play a guessing game!  Everyone put in their guess of how many candies were in the jar (yes, my aunt actually counted them….she is super fastidious…I think I might have just guessed a number and made it official….guess I’ve got a touch of the lazy 🙂 ).  It was hilarious though, watching the different personalities show…some just went for it, while others sat and calculated (there was even talk of Pi, haha, that’s what happens when you get a bunch of math and engineering geeks together–myself included).  I am happy to say that my calculations got me about 100 pieces away from the answer (purdy good), but the winners were two kids who probably just “went for it.”  Good news is that I think they appreciated the candy surprises better than I could 🙂

After seriously indulging in my aunt’s homemade lasagna (seriously, I had three helpings due to the addictive quality of the turkey sausage she used in it), everyone got to dive into her beautiful creations.  No bakery needed when you have an awesome baker in the fam!

Onto the decorating and pumpkin carving…it was definite Halloween everywhere you looked!

No tool was spared!

She even supplied an excellent kit for the little kinders among the group.  It was basically Light-Brite meets Halloween.  Cool clear colored plastic pegs that the kids hammered into the pumpkins that would glow when a flameless candle was inserted in the pumpkin.  Very cool and parents who were worried about the knives were super happy 🙂

And the mayhem begins!  So much fun!!

We finished up the evening snuggled up on the couches in a darkened room watching our annual tradition….the cartoon of Sleepy Hallow…a Disney classic that I think you can only find on Amazon these days.

We had so much fun and our bellies were soooo full!  Thank you Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jason, for another fabulous kick-off to the holiday season.  You guys rock!!

I hope this inspires y’all to get out there crafting and celebrating, cuz the clock is officially set!