A Man’s Man Kind of Gift

I am that girl that walks around the store with my iPhone snapping pics of things I  know I can make for cheaper. Kinda like my own walking pinterest board huh? Well much like pinterest, you can scroll through my phone camera roll to see many “i will do this one day projects.” But today I conquered one…


I was at TJ MAX the other day doing some christmas shopping and stumbled upon these cool leather manly tags for bottles of alcohol. This got me and chanda thinking and when it came to my Uncle Richard’s Christmas gift I knew just what to make him!!

mens_gift_idea_leather_burning_1919My beverage of choice for him? TEQUILA!

Chanda scored this piece of leather from Art from Scrap– remember that fun trip? If not check it out HERE. 

I did a light pencil mark to see how my letter would fit specially and then got to wood burning!!

mens_gift_idea_leather_burning_1920Next I knew I needed a hole for my “tag” so to the drill I went…

mens_gift_idea_leather_burning_1922Used some more scraps to make a strap and voila!! I scored this little bottle and shot glass set at TJ Max and now I have just the personal touch it needed….


Thanks for zestin’