A Grecian Inspired Wedding Photo shoot

This summer we had the privilege to organize and style a Grecian Inspired Photoshoot out at the lovely Willow Gardens in Los Osos, CA. When Chanda I and first walked onto the garden site to scout out the theme for this shoot, our mouths dropped to the floor as we gawked in awe over all the beauty this garden had to offer. From the cascading willow branches to the sunken garden filled with a sea of purples and vibrant whites to the cozy fireplace and grand colonnade altar. By far one of the most beautiful wedding venues here on the central coast!! As we inched near this shoot we had a great team comprised of talented artists, including our amazing interns. You may have seen some of our instagrams, blog posts, etc. but now it’s time for the big reveal….

Photography: Tayler Enerle

Flowers: D & D Floral Design

Venue: Willow Gardens

Hair & Make-up: Bri with Bride Made Beautiful

Caterer/Rentals/Design: Us 🙂

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(shout out to our awesome models, Annie-Kate & Nick!!)