A French Inspired wedding at the Garden at Peacock Farms

What’s Up Wednesday

We are so excited to say we officially did one of our biggest weddings yet, 250 peeps!! Not only was this a larger wedding but quite a detailed one. We loved all the bride’s intimate little touches, but we especially LOVED all the French inspiration.  Talk about coloring outside the box and doing your own thing!  We adored how it gave a glimpse into who they are as a couple…classic but dramatic and fabulous!  All mixed with the gorgeous setting of Peacock Farms in Arroyo Grande.  Get ready for some eye candy!

garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0964First, let me start with her dress.  Can you believe how fabulous this dress is?  Stunning!

garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0961garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0963garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0962garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0967garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0968garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0969garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0966garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0965garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0959And then there was the ridiculous creations from Enjoy Cupcakes.  Between the decadent frosting, the moist and flavorful cake, and the expertly beautiful design, the cakes and cupcakes were something to write home about.  Enjoy Cupcakes makes eating cake SO worth it!garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0971garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0960garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0970garden_at_peacock_farms_wedding_0972

A gorgeous wedding, a fabulous party, and a rocking good time!  Check!