A firefighter’s bachelor pad!

As you know, here at Zest it Up we are interested in anything that revolves around food and design.  These two elements have already taken us on so many adventures from blogging to weddings and even to interior design gigs.  Basically, in a small(ish) town, when word gets around that you have design skills, the opportunities start to pop up in the most unexpected places.  And we LOVE it!

Speaking of opportunities, we have a dear friend who has literally cooked and cleaned with us well past the 1am hour after having just come off of a 48 (did I mention that he’s a fireman?)  Oh, and let’s not forget the time he volunteered in blazing hot 115 degree temps to help cook over a flame lickin’ BBQ for hours.  So, when he asked if he could hire us to Zest his bachelor pad….how could we say “no”?  What a cool chance to pour out our thanks through our creativity and time!!

So, here is what we had to work with 🙂



Definitely tidy, but you can see why he wanted to have things Zested a bit.

Well, in true Zest it Up fashion, we came up with our game plan and started hunting local thrift stores and such for items that could benefit from a little love.  Look for some cool tutorials next week…but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek!


Are you diggin’ our thrift-store candle holder?  Love finds like this!

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And for the long dark hallway, we Zested a huge mirror to catch the light from the bedroom.


For the bedroom, we found some unique geometric wood frames so that he could start hanging some collections within.


And for that bare space by the front door:


We sourced a cool cabinet and hooks……while he built an awesome cubby attachment from molding.  It turned out so cool!  Perfect as a catch-all for keys and such.


Whatcha’ think?  Worthy of a bachelor firefighter with a heart of gold??  We think so!

Thanks Travis for the opportunity and the friendship!

~The Zest it Up gals