A Canine Merry Christmas!

Maybe you are like my family, and maybe you are not….but since I was a toddler, the family dog always had a stocking hung on the hearth.  We would, uh-chem, Santa would fill it with toys and bones of gargantuan size.  Our family Border Collies, first Mic, then Bodie and then Cole, were all super bright and loved getting their Christmas morning presents.  However, it’s my girlfriend’s dog who takes the cake!  Joe-joe stands at attention, boring holes in the stocking with her eyes, like she knows that that is where the goods are at!  She cracks me up…especially since she will do it unremittingly for what seems like eternity.  Gotta give it to the dog for pure determination….and if she was anything like Bolt from the Pixar (I think) movie, she would have succeeded with that stare!

Anyhew, my beautiful Border Collie,  Ash, was very much due for a fantastic present. Perhaps it’s because I love her, or perhaps it’s because she likes to slap her paw on her dog bowls, sending water and food crashing all over my kitchen floor when she feels there isn’t enough of afore mentioned water and food.  So, maybe it was stemmed in generosity or just pure selfishness, but I decided to create a shabby chic dog bowl feeder.  Merry Christmas, me…I mean, Ash!!! 😉

DSC_0386First, I scrounged around my wood pile for some cute, unique pieces of wood.  Then I began the piecing together.

DSC_0385So, there were a couple pieces that needed to be cut, but at least the patina of the wood didn’t need any help.  I love how the soft blue paint on these 2×4’s play nicely with the barn wood (left overs from a twin bed).


Some simple wood screws and the thing was looking purdy good.

DSC_0389After convincing this little cutie that it was not a petite bench for her room, I took a piece of computer paper, a pencil and scissors to make a template for cutting the bowl holes.  (That’s funny…say that one out loud: “bowl holes.”  Tee hee, love those weird word partners.)


DSC_0392The only critical part here is that you cut out circles that are a 1/4 inch smaller all the way around (that way your bowls won’t fall through the bowl holes…..ummm, I think my brain is fried from too many Christmas musical rehearsals).  There are many ways to cut out circles, but I chose to drill a hole and then use my jigsaw…it worked like a snap!

DSC_0393DSC_0397After the circles were cut, I added a bit of support on the underside.

DSC_0398Ummmm, how  cute is this???  Not too shabby, har-har. 🙂

DSC_0446Ash looooves it!  And yes, I gave it to her before Christmas….I guess that totally reveals that this was a selfish gift.  But look at her, she is such a good doggie (totally raised around toddlers 🙂 ).

DSC_0445DSC_0447Oh, and did I mention that it’s done a world of good for her digestion?  Merry Christmas, Ash, we love you!