Succulent Corks

With spring inching near I keep seeing seeds, bulbs, and soil at all the fronts of stores, I guess it is starting to create a gardening bug in me- I just bought a bunch of plants for my front yard- stay tuned for a make over soon! In the mean time, here is some teeny tiny gardening- I am going to make what I like to call a succulent bonsai! (of course it’s a succulent what else would it be?) 🙂

I was inspired when I saw these fatty corks at the thrift store and got them all for a buck- I didn’t know what to make at the time- but I woke up this morning and it hit me!

What You Need: 

  • cork (you can use larger or smaller wine corks)
  • drill bit that would fit a plant but also not be bigger than round of  cork (I used 1/2 “)
  • moist potting soil
  • succulent


Start by drilling the center of your cork out, I did this over a trash can because it will get messy with cork bits flying! Be sure to not go all the way through the cork, just a few centimeters above the base. If you want a wider lip than “stir” your drill around in the cork like you would a spoon in a bowl, widening the lip.

Now to garden, add a bit (i mean a bit!) of soil and then plant succulent

IMG_3565These would be adorable on a window will, on a shelf, as a table setting, as party or wedding favor, a magnet, or a simple gift! The possibilities are endless 🙂