How to dry flowers fast and easy

This project has got to be one of my all time favorite DIY’s. It involves a big love of mine- nature!! I am all about bringing the outdoors in but on top of that I am a sucker for easy projects that are SO rewarding. Let’s face it, in this day and age we all want fast deliverables. Well my friends you can’t get much faster than this craft- you can literally have this craft done in about 10 mins total (maybe even less once you get the hang of it!!). Simply go on a walk and pick some wild flowers OR maybe you have a valentines, wedding or mothers day bouquet that you want to cherish forever? I can’t think of a better way to show it off! Simply follow these easy steps to dry your florals and greenery in the microwave and you instantly have amazing wall decor that truly is one of a kind. I also love that this project is super inexpensive and can double as a “card” if you write a little note on the glass.(Makes for a great valentines, mothers day, bridesmaid or even birthday gift)


  • 2 frames with glass from the dollar store
  • flowers and greenery
  • hot glue (optional)
  • paper towels
  • heavy microwavable plates or fire bricks
  • microwave

Once you have gathered your florals simply lay down a paper towel and lay your florals down on it so they don’t touch each other. For the larger daisies you can either lay them on their side or face down like a starburst.

Next take another paper towel and lay on top of the flowers, don’t worry about pushing hard on them- they will flatten in the microwave with their magic.

Next use some fire bricks or larger plates stacked on each other to create evenly distributed weight in the microwave.

Time to place in the microwave! You can play around with settings and power levels but what worked for me was 2 to 3 mins at regular power. I found that some florals were perfect at 2 mins while others got a little too crispy and lost more color closer at the 3 minute mark.

Watch out! The plates will be warm so use oven mitts to remove safely.

WOWZERS! Instead of three weeks gotta love three minutes!!

Next remove the glass from the back of one frame and pair it with another frame to create two glass panels with the florals pressed in between.

If you find that your florals are not staying in place feel free to add a small bead of hot glue on the back of the floral to keep in place.

Loving the color punches!! Now time to make a larger one for a gift for my Momma….

I am lovin’ this!! I plan to write a note on the front of the frame with an expo marker so she can enjoy reading my letter but then use the frame as decor!

Happy pressing!