4th of July DIY Photo backdrop

I feel like at most parties and weddings these day’s a photobooth has become just as essential as the food and drinks. Everyone loves a good photo to share on social media or scrapbook with, so why not make that backdrop really stand out? Just in time for 4th of July, I am so excited to share this little photo backdrop that I made with some thrift store fabric I scored…plus this project is SO easy to make and actually pretty fast!

red fabric (4′-5′ long)
blue fabric (4′-5′ long)
white lace (4′-5′ long)
wooden dowel 5′
acrylic or fabric white paint
fabric scissors
safety pins (2)

First cut a square of blue fabric that is about 12″ by 12″ and then begin by painting white stars. You can get artistic here and fill some of the stars with paint and leave others more “sketch” like. You could also use a stencil or stamp if you prefer!

Once you are done with your stars let them dry and move onto your red fabric. I scored this red curtain at the thrift store, it’s great because it has the length I need but was super cheap! I cut 9 strips that are about 3″ to 4″ wide and 4′ long for my backdrop. Obviously all these numbers can vary based on how big you are making your backdrop.

Once you have your strips of red fabric cut, next cut the lace into the same length strips. I was able to slide the red fabric onto the dowel since it was a originally a curtain with a loop for a curtain rod. Once I had all my red fabric spaced out on the dowel I took a piece of lace and tied it to the dowel between each red fabric strip, creating my flag stripes. Lastly I used a few safety pins to secure my navy blue star fabric to the top left corner. Voila!

To hang the backdrop I just used some duct tape on this wooden island since it was the perfect display for my little 4 month old, but you could use PVC pipe to make a stand and mount this backdrop nice and high for adult use. Little Ryker is ready to celebrate his first 4th of July with this fun spirited backdrop!! I love that you can re-use this backdrop every year and it’s super easy to store, simply roll up the fabric around the wooden dowel and you are good to go for some instant red, white and blue fun every year!

Happy 4th of July!!