2014 Halloween Costume Trends

Trendy Tuesday

Halloween is a little over a week away, have you found your costume yet?? Me neither!! Well no fret, today’s post is sure to get the wheels turning and do some inspiring. If nothing else it will certainly get you giggling with how creative people can get when it comes to this holiday. There are always the classics like a cat, a cowboy or a fireman- but why wouldn’t you want to dress like an iPhone 6 or a snail for that matter? yep all these awesome ideas and more are over on our Halloween pinterest board HERE.

But first let’s start with some Halloween 2014 101 stats to break it down for ya….


So what are some current events from 2014 that the Huffington Post predicts for your next Halloween costume….


Of course the classic Pharrel hat is an easy go to costume in a pinch….

slide_370052_4268182_freeOr a classic tribute to Robin Williams and any of his timeless films….

slide_370052_4268036_freeOr even the oh so popular ALS ice bucket challenge, walk around with a bucket of ice all night!!

slide_370052_4276812_freeI am sure there will be a slew of Elsa’s and Frozen out frolicking the street’s come this Halloween….

slide_370052_4282164_freeAnd not to mention to epic fail of the Winter Olympics ring light up- grab a few friends and some hula hoops to recreate….

07e2f07922075dbd72e644f1568dfdd3But I think this is my favorite toddler costume modeled after one of my favorite movies “Up”

Ah!! SOOOO cute!!

But definitely check out more costume inspiration over on our pinterest board and be sure to get zesty with your crafting, we wouldn’t want it any other way!!

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