Zesty Roadtrip & The Ultimate Wine Run

What’s Up Wednesday

Some of you may have seen our instagram pics a few weeks back but we thought it would be fun to share our zesty road trip with the boys to Santa Barbara for The Ultimate Wine Run 5k. I saw the run advertised on Groupon a few months back and thought- Santa Barbara, wine, and a little jaunt with our boys- why not? So we trained for weeks (hmm just kidding, although we did drink wine?) and headed down to SB for some much needed couple time before we hit the ground running for wedding season….

And if you know anything about Chanda and I you know we LOVE our cheetos….A LOT.


We got into town just in time to hit up the VIP pre party which included wine, dancing, a mechanical bull and rock climbing! I was SO excited to climb with the Panda since it was her first time- she rocked it!


After a night of fun we were excited to leisurely explore the town before race time later that afternoon. We just happen to stumble across this awesome bed frame on the sidewalk for free- oh I am sure we will be zesting up our garden with it shortly. We threw it in our truck bed while the boys simply shook their heads and mumbled “hoarders.” hahah!


We grabbed a quick bite and drink (umm how are we going to run a 5k with a burrito and bloody mary in our belly??)


Then back to the hotel to stretch and prep for the big race! (nerds!!)


We had some fun thinking up costumes for the race- Chanda and I were bandits running from our cops. Had to cut out some bandit masks!


We survived! And more that just survived-we conquered!! We were all super pleased with our times and feeling great. 

Off to dinner on the boardwalk to celebrate a great race and trip!


Peace out Zesties!


Sam, Chanda, & the boys!

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