Zestin’ up a photoshoot

So some of you may have seen on our Vendor Partners page that we LOVE Image Paradigm Photography! We just had the privilege of spending some time with Lynne & Adrienne on Sunday while they shot some promo Zest it Up shots (be excited and stay tuned!). Not only were Lynne & Adrienne so professional and fun, but also so efficient with their time with us- as you will soon see they took quite a variety of shots and managed to do so much in so little time. If you are in need of a photographer check em out!

But on another note, we love being able to bring some Zest to Image Paradigm with their unique props. Here is a chair they gave us to Zest for their photoshoot this week with 2 little girls…

IMG_3187Just your ordinary children’s wicker chair huh? We thought it would look better a nice light tiffany blue, warmed up with golden hues and a touch of satin ribbon for the legs…

IMG_3194IMG_3195IMG_3198Simply wrap the legs in the ribbon and glue with hot glue…

IMG_3203 IMG_3199Turned out pretty cute! This was such a simple task, a little paint and ribbon and glue- but just imagine what you can do in your kids room now? It’s all in the fun color and creativity! Can’t wait to see the photo shoot pics posted on their website, it will be such a fun shot! Thanks for Zestin’


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