Zester of the Month- February!

Hi there Zesters!! We love getting all kinds of feedback from each of you, whether it’s new techniques or ideas or you simply stepping out of your comfort zone and zestin’ up your meals. This month’s Zester is one of our friends Kristen….you might remember her form her post about Annie Sloan Paint, well her she is again showing off some of her latest fun….I thought it would be best to let Kristen take the mic and tell us all about her project….

“A couple of months ago if you stepped into my closet you would have thought a tornado blew through. While I have a giant closet, I unfortunately had no organization to it. Sure I hung all my nice tops and work clothes, other than that everything else was in a pile usually on the floor.” 

“Thus began my hunt for a dresser, something I could hide my piles of clothes in! The problem, I live in a condo on the second story and my car is not going to fit an entire dresser. The solution: a dresser that came in parts that I can carry by myself upstairs (sure I could have gotten friends to help me carry a dresser upstairs but what is the challenge in that?) and assemble in my place.” 

“After much searching I decided to just get an Ikea dresser, and then Zest It Up! Ikea dressers do not go with my decor without a little zestin! I was able to buy a cheap gray dresser that came in pieces and fit in my car, yay!”

“I then proceeded to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (best paint and can use indoors). I did this my room because I am a little daredevil (or just too lazy to drag a dresser around my house) and painted the bottom a cream white and the top a fun blue.”

photo 1“Then from an idea I saw from an Annie Sloan book, I painted cow parsley on the front. This seem like a but difficult, but all I used was a cereal box and leftover dark brown paint. I ripped up the cereal box (tear to get rough edges for the cool look of the stems) and I coated the edges with paint and stenciled the front to look like cow parsley. I used different sizes of the cereal box to make it look that much cooler. I then added the little dots with the end of a flat match stick.”

photo 2“Next comes wax. I first applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax all over with cheese cloth or a rag(everywhere!). Then I sanded some of the edges to bring out the wood color and give it an older look (hiding the fact this dresser is from ikea). Then using Annie Sloan Dark Wax (open a window cause it is a bit stronger) I rubbed it on sections at a time with cheese cloth, then used the clear wax to take off the excess dark wax. Do small areas at a time. You can make it look as dark or light as possible with dark wax. Dark wax gives it an antique lo

photo 3
“Next I decorated the top with a couple items (later on I bought an antique teapot which is so cute on top of this) and put all the piles of clothes from my closer into my new seared up dresser! Bet you didn’t think Ikea furniture had so much potential!”

– Kristen

Thanks for showing us your Zestin’ Kristen you rock!!!

~The Zest Gals

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