Zest It Up and Drink it Down!



I was hosting ladies night last Tuesday and I wanted to plan something fun for my girlfriends and I to do while we sipped on some vino! After perusing pinterest for inspiration, I came across the perfect activity. This little craft is simple, fun and very vino appropriate 🙂 All you need are a few wine glasses, some paint and a handful of Q-tips.

I am a fan of the stemless wine glasses so I grabbed a couple from World Market for $2.99 a piece (along with a few bottles of wine to help fill em).IMG_0999I got a handful of Q-tips from my bathroom and grabbed some paint from my art drawer!IMG_1002IMG_1004After that, the girls and I chose some color pairings for our glasses and went to town!IMG_1005IMG_1006IMG_1007IMG_1008IMG_1010All in all, it was the perfect activity to do while sippin on wine and chatting with the girls. Everyone went home with their own personalized wine glass and now each time one of us girls pours a glass, we will remember how fun ladies night was! Plus I think I just discovered Zest It Up’s new slogan…Zest it Up and Drink it Down 😉 Whata ya think my zesty ladies?









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