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What’s Up Wednesday

Well after seven weekends back to back of having no life we decided to cease the moment when we saw we had a weekend off- Vegas here we come!! Billy’s parents own a home out on Lake Las Vegas (yes such a place does exist- and it’s magical). We packed up the truck, grabbed the boys and our Uncle Richard, dropped the kids at Grandmas and hit the road (maya included). It was a great weekend filled with great company, naughty yummy food, kayaking, nail painting, card playing and best of all relaxing!!! Here is a sneak peek into our fun….

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.44.15 PMFirst things first, we have to work to play- so we spent the 6.5 hr car ride blogging, emailing, making invoices and doing all that entrepreneurial “stuff.” Gotta love our “office” on the go.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.44.03 PMWe arrived just in time for a gorgeous sunset!! Yep that was our view all weekend, gorgeous at every hour of the day!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.43.54 PMWe arose, had our coffee (chanda panda) and tea (sam) and ACTUALLY worked out- what a thought??

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.43.30 PMThen we moved onto some more pampering to paint nails, do facials and sip mimosas!

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0886Did we mention Maya turned 1 years old on our trip?? My baby is growing so fast!! This calls for peanut butter!! <<SPAZ!>>

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0888We got some hubby time and then got all dolled up to have a night on the town after a lovely homemade dinner by Billy’s momma- the hostess with the mostest!

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0897All dolled up and ready to explore the strip and check out all the fabulous design!!

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0890But we were surprised by Billy’s parents to ride in style, whoop whoop vegas in a limo!

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0889Now to do some touring on the strip….

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0891zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0892Naturally you will see A LOT of pictures of the fabulous plant design because let’s face it Chanda and I are plant admirers. Nothing beats that natural color and texture!!


zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0895Our favorite was the Chandelier bar located in the Cosmopolitan

zest_it_up_goes_to_las_vegas_0894These gorgeous crystals draped from the ceiling to floor literally creating a canopy for all to sip under…




And now for one of my favorites, the garden at the Bellagio garden!!

Every season it is changed out, bring on the fall inspiration!!



And after a night of exploring the town we hit the lake the next day for some relaxing in the sun!!


SO much fun!!

Thanks for checkin out our little zest in vegas, now onto cater three events this weekend- bring it on!!



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