Whole roasted crock pot onions

Savoring Saturday

I am trying to keep with my crock pot New Years resolution!! (Aka just use it more bc it’s so darn easy!). Sometimes you just want to have some simple dinner- but with today’s post you can still use your crock pot and make that meal extra gourmet. I quickly cut off the heads and bottoms of the onions and popped them in the crock pot with seasoning and immediately brought the bar higher with dinner! You can eat these onions as a side or even cut them up and throw in a salad or tacos. Lots of ideas but all are sure to be tasty with these onion additions. They get all caramelized and yummy (and way healthier than your bloomin’ onion).


Whole Onions

Rosemary sprigs

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil



crockpot onions_0000

First cut off the top and bottom of your onions so they can sit upright in the crock pot.

crockpot onions_0001

Next I added about a tablespoon of coconut to the top of each onion.

crockpot onions_0002

And then a sprig of rosemary to the top of those dollops.

crockpot onions_0003

Lastly I drizzled a little olive oil on the onions and topped with salt and pepper.

crockpot onions_0004crockpot onions_0005crockpot onions_0006

Cook in crock pot until golden and caramelized, about 5 hours at high.

crockpot onions_0007

Ah even better than a blooming onion!!



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