What’s Up Wednesday: Poff Party at Flying Caballos

This past weekend we had the joy of catering Danielle and Adam Poff’s wedding!! This was a beautiful boho inspired day that took place at Flying Caballos, one of our favorite venues! Danielle is an amazing photographer so after shooting everyone else’s weddings it was finally her time to put on the white dress (which was an amazing free people boho dress) and be on the other side of the camera. Chanda and I loved all the zest at her wedding from the gorgeous flowers done by Twigss to the farmhouse tables from All About Events and the eclectic bottles and cameras that Adam and Danielle have been collecting for quite some time….

Here are some pics straight from Danielle and her awesome photographer Jen Rodriguez– we love Jen!! We can’t wait to see more pics!!


And here are a few we managed to snap in between catering…

Ummm did we mention that we served her taco fiesta out of our food truck?? 🙂
boho_poff_party_wedding_0391boho_poff_party_wedding_0392boho_poff_party_wedding_0396boho_poff_party_wedding_0393boho_poff_party_wedding_0407boho_poff_party_wedding_0394boho_poff_party_wedding_0395boho_poff_party_wedding_0399boho_poff_party_wedding_0400boho_poff_party_wedding_0397boho_poff_party_wedding_0398boho_poff_party_wedding_0408Aren’t you loving the color and whimsical boho details?!

Let’s not forget about Sawyer the dog too, his bowls were right under their feet at the head table- so cute!


boho_poff_party_wedding_0411After we served tacos Negrantis Ice Cream truck rolled up for dessert!


And even our servers got to sample a bite, MMMmmm


Guests danced the night away while sipping on beverage creations from Billy and Cooper!

boho_poff_party_wedding_0410boho_poff_party_wedding_0414boho_poff_party_wedding_0413And the night closed to a beautiful day, Congratulations Adam & Danielle!!


Sam & Chanda

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