What’s Up Wednesday: Our First Trailer!

Sam and I are officially joining the food truck revolution!

Maybe you have heard about the awesome movement in the mobile gourmet cuisine arena.  Can you imagine rolling up to a giant parking lot and being able to order sushi from one truck and then pop on over to a neighboring truck for some red velvet waffles?  Or maybe wash it down with a Korean burrito rocking flavors of a perfect Mexican/Korean fusion.  Seriously!  It is like a wonderful take on the smorgasbord and traveling dinners.  Literal explosions of flavor and ingenuity from chefs that herald from all sorts of cooking backgrounds….from the budding entrepreneur who wants to take their home kitchen experiences and share it with their community, to 20+ years in experience restauranteurs looking for another venue to strut their stuff.

Some would argue that the birthplace of this gastronomic fabulosity began where many uber cool things begin, Portland, Oregon.  Definitely a major hub for local eating (aka the new terminology: Locavore) and organic farming, Portland has literally come alive with swarming populations of food trucks.  But, these truck aren’t slinging the usual greasy spoon grub you may be familiar with when talking mobile food facilities.  You can check out some of the awesomeness that has developed up north at TravelPortland.com.  For a more engaging exposure, albeit solely ocular, is the Cooking Channel’s hit show Eat St. , where host James Cunningham travels all over this great nation of ours, highlighting food truck gourmets and entrepreneurs.  It is scintillating!

So, what does this all have to do with Zest it Up??  Well, Sam and I just bought a little treasure all the way from Portland!

photo(5)We totally feel legit with our Oregon license plate!  But, you may be asking, “So, what’s the deal? Are you hitting the street?”  The answer is a resounding YES!  Well, of sorts.  Sam and I have been so excited and blessed about how well the wedding community has embraced us over the last year and a half, but we want to be more involved in the community of SLO peeps who have absolutely NO wedding in the works.  With our plans for a brick and mortar Zest it Up space, we wanted to start making our Zested creations more of a staple in San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas.  Does that mean a lunch route and driving all day?  No.  But, it may mean Farmer’s Markets and fabulous food at local wineries and breweries.  Can I get a WOOT-WOOT?  And hey, our bride’s are getting pretty jazzed by the kitschy concept of our trailer for their parties!

In the meantime, here is a little “What’s Up Wednesday” tour of our DMV fieldtrip and a little sneak peek!


photo(3)Ummm, right here is when we talk to y’all about the merits of making an appointment for the DMV.  Our first visit ran us 1.5 hours with wait time and paperwork….today we waited 5 minutes!  Holler!  Making appointments from now on!photo(1)

Mission complete!!

Wanna take a peek at our new little baby?  Remember, she is a work in progress…but here is a hint 🙂

photo(4)photo(2)Happy day!  Happy “What’s Up Wednesday”!


Chanda & Sam

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