What’s Up Wednesday: Meet Maya!

What’s up you ask?? Well I have had many sleepless nights and potty duty this week- but all worth it for this new bundle of joy in our family! Meet little miss Maya Nason.


She is the latest zester in the fam- a 14 week old black lab 🙂 I completely surprised Billy with this furry friend this past week for his upcoming birthday. That’s right, I actually kept a secret from him!! (this can often be a struggle for us because we just get so excited!) But I took advantage of the fact that he was gone on the LA fires for 4 days and we didn’t communicate much, making for the perfect scenario. She definitely fits right in…playing with Lucy and very curious of Franklin….


So with that, remember when I made Lucy this bed??


I figure I better not play favorites and make miss Maya something too! So when I saw these doggie bowls at Home Goods for $60 bucks I knew what the project was going to have to be!!


So I was up for the challenge, easy right? Just a box with two holes, how hard could it be? Especially when I found this old wine box- already built! Gotta love it! I scored this wine box a few years ago at the Goodwill for $2.00

IMG_8361Start by tracing the holes for your bowls, I scored these two bowls at the dollar store!

IMG_8362Make sure it’s not the exact same size of ring otherwise it will obviously slip through.

IMG_8364Drill a “release” hole to make life easier and safer with your saw. Now to make a circle….ehmm or try….

IMG_8365IMG_8366OOps I cracked the wood! It was pretty thin- but nothing some wood glue can’t solve.

IMG_8368IMG_8369And voila- the inside and outside! Next I stained this bad boy with walnut. I also wanted to tie in the bowl to the fun honeycomb theme I was doing around the house, remember this lazy susan I made?

IMG_8381Now it’s time to print out the pattern and wood burn again! Ahhh the sweet aroma of wood burning 🙂

IMG_8375IMG_8378IMG_8377IMG_8376IMG_8379IMG_8380And there you have it!! A fairly easy doggie bowl stand, now let’s cross our fingers she doesn’t try to chew on the wood! 🙂 hehe


Sam (&Maya)



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