What’s Up Wednesday: Congrats to Kate & David at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard

This past weekend we had the honor of catering and coordinating a dear friend of mine’s wedding- Kate & David (now Roth!). I met Kate back when she was a sophomore in high school and was her mentor/youth leader- oh how time flies!! Now she is all grown up and graduated and getting married!! We had so much fun zestin’ up their ranch inspired wedding. The party went down at the beautiful Greengate Ranch and Vineyard. 

We started set up on Friday and boy were we busy….antlers, branches, and shotgun shells-oh my!


Then it was rehearsal time!!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0527greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0528Look at that cute ring bearer-ahhh!!! Gonna Melt.

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0529Rehearsal dinner was set out on the back patio terrace overlooking the gorgeous vineyards on the estate.

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0530We chatted up a last few details before we were off to finalize logistics on the timeline and start cooking….

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0531Did I mention we finalized these details at the booth of Tahoe Joes? Hey a girl has gotta eat and work on the run!!

Now for the BIG day!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0533greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0534greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0532greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0535greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0536Kiss that girl!!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0537greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0539Happily Married 🙂

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0538Guests then skipped over to the open lawn for some appetizers and lawn games- so fun!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0540Oh and you see that line?? That is an espresso bar from Scout Coffee!! MMMmmmMMMM

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0541Almost time to introduce this lovely bride and groom to all their guests….

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0542BUT first a quick pic with their coordinator- tee hee

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0543Welcome Mr. & Mrs. David Roth!!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0544They had a gorgeous pasta bar spread but my personal favorite was definitely their wedge salads Chanda whipped up!!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0545Party time!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0546Can’t resist a good old fashioned human tunnel to leave in!!

greengate_ranch_and_vineyard_wedding_0547The groomsmen were a crack up making some sweet dance moves at the hood of the jag before Kate and David drove off to Happily Ever After.

Congratulations lovebirds!!



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