What’s Up Wednesday: A Photo Shoot in the Orchard Blooms

Happy hump day everybody!!  Today was a rather chill computer-day for Sam and I….working on invoices, graphics, new ideas, and such.  It was great sitting outside with the sunshine basking down on us.  A perfect mellow recoup day after our amazing photo shoot yesterday.  So, we figured for What’s Up Wednesday, we should give you a little peek at all that we accomplished.

The Big Picture:

Kelsea of Kelsea Holder Photography approached us a couple of weeks ago with a hankering to do an elopement photo shoot in her friend’s beautiful almond orchard.  The orchard was in full bloom and would have been the most dazzling setting for bride and groom.  Could you imagine….the petals so numerous that they looked like snow??  Of course, Sam and I yelled, “YESSS”!!  We were in!

We immediately set to creating a design board.  We decided that we would love for the blooms to take center stage.  So, we decided on a palette that would be incredibly neutral: creams, whites, blushes and beiges.  Instead of massive pops of color, we wanted layers of texture and the feel of being in a magical flurry of blooms.  Instead of a “snow day,” we were after a “bloom day!”  Check out some our pins on our design board:


Image here


Image here


Image here


bowl of delicious peaches

Image here


Image here


Image here


Image here

The Glitch:

Numero uno, our first date for the shoot had to be delayed…poor Sam came down with a nasty virus that had her dizzy every time she stood up!  So, we postponed our date by a week while she got busy recovering.  Then, in the interim, we had a deluge of rain on the Central Coast.  Ummmm, that’s no beuno for delicate tree blooms.  Kelsea immediately drove out to the site to see if we were hosed for the shoot.  Sure enough, nary a bloom in site!  She then got busy driving to practically Timbuktu, looking for any sign of a blooming orchard.  Both she and Zest were busy googling like mad, in search of every orchard that could possibly be blooming.  North County, South County….geesh, any county at that point.

Finally, the day before our scheduled shoot, with models and venders waiting to hear, Sam and I desperately hit the road on one last attempt at the hunt.  We had found a road called “Almond Drive”…surely we would find something!!  But alas, it looked like acres of almond trees that were just about to bloom, but probably another week out still.  Gah!!

Sam and I continued to drive aimlessly, hoping for color on the horizon.  And then….was that white??  Could it be??  Up over that hill??  Sam’s speed must have dropped at least 15 mph in the mere anticipation.  As we reached the peak of the hill, Sam and I shrieked.  YES!!  Flowering plums and pears!!!  Gorgeous.  Hallelujah!  The shoot would be saved!  With a quick knock-knock on a front door, we were graciously invited back for the shoot the very next day.  Lovely.  All lovely.

Check out a sneak peek at what is to come 🙂


Thank you to all the amazing venders!!!  You guys rock!  The day was completely magical!

Spring Wedding
Muah: Amy Castaniero of Twist
Flowers: Lilies of the Field
Event Design & Catering: Zest It Up
Dress: Claire Pettibone





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