What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

When we started our journey of Zest, almost five years ago, Chanda and I schemed up dreams of opening a brick and mortar space that would be driven by all things food and community, centered on creativity of course. We have found much success and joy in catering, coordination and blogging- but we have not given up on our initial dream of having a shop. In fact every wedding, blog post or special event we have done in the past five years has been an opportunity of growth in the community, growth financially and overall growth as a whole business. Each opportunity has been what we like to call “a baby step”  towards our ultimate goal. After all- that has been our motto from day one- “Someday today”. So with that we are excited to take another baby step towards our “someday” dreams and announce the Zest It Up online shop!!!


What will this online shop feature you ask? This shop will bring together local community makers we admire as well as inspire you with some of our own zesty flair. Stay tuned in the next week to see the official launch as well as some special giveaways, don’t miss a beat and sign up for our newsletter HERE.

Thanks for all the zesty support, you rock!


Sam & Chanda

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