Washing Machine turned Planter

Seasonal Sunday

Remember what our zest it up headquarters looked like when we first moved in?

office renovations_0003

Not only was it complete chaos with dirty carpet, crazy colors and paintings and “interesting” finds all around- it was filled with a crazy amount of appliances!! There were at least 60 refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc all filling the rooms. We managed to find a few keepers, like our fun new retro “bar cart”area….


We also decided to have pity on this old inside of a washing machine. Afterall, it had good “bones” and we could see some potential. (Someone else had already done some art on it apparently- haha) I have seen how people take the inside of washing machines to make a fire pit, but why not a planter?

washing machine barrel_0000

We started with a wipe down and then a fresh coat of paint.

washing machine barrel_0001

washing machine barrel_0002

washing machine barrel_0003

We didn’t want to fill the entire basin with dirt, plus we would have to line it. Son instead we are having it “mask” a pot we scored from the dollar store. I simply took one pot and turned it upside down to create height, then we added a saucer and placed the plant on top. The finished product made for the perfect addition to our office corner.


office finishing touches_0003

We love the structure, texture and massive size that if offers in this corner.

Cheers for taking the old and making something fabulous and new!



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