Thrifty Thursday: River Rock Jewelry Holder

I am a sucker for all things nature, so with that any opportunity I get to bring the outdoors inside- I take it!! Maybe even a bit too much, Billy is constantly saying I have too many house plants- oops! Let’s face it I am just happy they are still alive and thriving. But whether it’s a plant or even some sticks or pinecones, I have tidbits of nature all around my house and it makes me smile. Makes me feel more at home I guess 🙂 Which is why I am excited about this super easy project that incorporates gorgeous river rocks and organization- two wonderful things in my book!!


  • small command strips (mine hold 11 lbs)
  • smooth flat river rocks (snagged my bag at the dollar tree)


Got your rocks and command strips?

easy_necklace_holder_0836Attach your command strips, sticky side up and ready to stick to the wall…

easy_necklace_holder_0837Cut off the tabs (they are meant for removing later but I didn’t want them to show)

easy_necklace_holder_0838Time to peel back and stick to the wall…

easy_necklace_holder_0839See my current necklace situation? Running out of space!!

easy_necklace_holder_0840Attach to the wall, you can make a fun pattern and play around with size…

easy_necklace_holder_0841easy_necklace_holder_0843easy_necklace_holder_0844There you have it! So fun and THRIFTY!



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