Thrift Thursday: Morro Bay Achievement House

Hello Zesters? Are you busy prepping for christmas? Buying presents or ugly sweaters? Well we don’t have to be the first to tell ya- hit up the thrift stores for some treasures and keep your wallets happy as well! Last week Chanda and I were in Morro Bay meeting with a client and decided to swing by the lovely Morro Bay Achievement House. The Achievement House is an awesome organization that creates opportunities for people with disabilities to have job opportunities and become leaders in our community. They have multiple thrift stores all across SLO county- be sure to check them out this Holiday Season to support a great cause!!

Check out our treasure huntin’


First stop: the plants! They had some great herbs that would make for an adorable gift if you zest up some fun pot!


Now onto the wardrobe, check out this fabulous hat! I want to be bundled up rockin’ this beauty πŸ™‚


And let’s not forget the classic ugly sweaters πŸ™‚


Check out the bling Chanda found! We were loving this charm bracelet that was from the late 60’s from some girl’s glory days in school. We especially loved the darling typewriter and little quill pen. So much fun character in this piece. πŸ™‚


We also scrambled across some cute earring too, they would be a fun gift.


And then we found this little owl figureine as well, we couldn’t figure out what it was for- but we had the bright idea to make it a ring holder- so cute next to Chanda’s kitchen sink!


Now that you have seen some present and outfit ideas, time for the fine dining! Some classy glasses we snagged to sip on at our upcoming Christmas party, score-there were 6 of them!


Chanda found another cute trivet for her kitchen, another great kitchen present!


I found this fun and funky clock…


And that’s all the treasure for now, don’t let the madness of the holiday season get to you and make your head spin like Monica….


Cheesy nerd, I know- but I just couldn’t resist πŸ™‚

Happy Thrift Thursday to you all!




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