Thrift Thursday: Easy n’ Cheap Storage with a BOHO Vibe

So, a couple of days ago, I was yammering about spring cleaning……well, I guess I’m on a roll.  I swear that I’m not a nesting pregnant woman!  It is just the typical time of year for me to be seeking some change and some order in my life and home.

I have one of those awesome bathrooms without any medicine cabinets.  I appreciate the clean lines….but, seriously?  I really don’t want to be doing squats and knee bends every time I need some hair product or face cream!  In the past, I have thought up some creative solutions for solving my little problem…..using some silver platters along with a candlestick and some museum wax.


If that inspires you, check out the simple how-to.

This has worked nicely for a while, but now I am totally jonesing for some counter-space!  Fortunately, I had a small crate handy….now for some screws and a drill!

20140227_10290020140227_103010Once I leveled it off, I placed two screws underneath the crate to give it some leverage and strength as a shelf.

20140227_10351220140227_103558 copyNow, using a level for the second time, it is time to screw my crate into place.  I just rested the crate on the screws in the wall, double checked that things were level annnnddd…..screw it in!

20140227_103318Definitely practical, but I decided to add a little flare.

20140227_10445620140227_104512I am totally happy with how this thrifty little project turned out….and I’m TOTALLY loving the counterspace!!

20140227_10560920140227_10563420140227_10565420140227_10573420140227_105623Keep thriftin’!  Let us know what creative little projects you have got going on in YOUR home.  Sam and I love to see what all you fellow Zesters have been up to 🙂



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