The Cooper-Molera Adobe in Monterey CA

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For Earth Day, we figured that it would be neat to share with you a garden that took our breath away in Monterey, CA.  As we were being tourists and just walking around town, we happened upon a wall that totally intrigued us.


Following the adobe brick wall we discovered the entrance to a museum store housed within The Cooper-Molera Adobe.


There were so many cool little trinkets and historical gifts everywhere we looked.  Our curiosity spiked, we decided to take an impromptu self guided tour replete with selfies!!


The Cooper-Molera Adobe tells the story of the Cooper family, who built it over three generations. It was begun by John Rogers Cooper, a New Englander who immigrated to California and married into a prominent Mexican family, the Moleras. Cooper, a ship’s captain, traveled extensively, trading in hides, tallow, general merchandise and sea otter pelts. His descendants continued to build on the three-acre site until 1900, and the house (fully restored in the 1980s) contains many fine furnishings assembled by the families.
The grounds of Cooper-Molera Adobe are unique in that almost two acres are available for exploration. Behind adobe walls one can find barns, vegetable and fruit gardens, farm animals, and a visitor center.
The property is owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Cooper Museum Store (run by the Old Monterey Preservation Society) sells reproductions of typical goods from toys to bygone household items, as well as books that celebrate Monterey and California’s past as well as discuss the future of their cultural and natural resources.


Onto the gardens…..


This legit garden made us two very happy girls!  So many cross-pollinating trees, hardy veggies and some ridiculous flowers.  Ummm, that “tree” below our selfie is actually a yellow rose!!  The trunk was at least 8 inches in diameter!!  A rose tree!


Oh Spring!  So many buds opening up in the warm sun!  Peaches, apples, apricots, and more!




We are always suckers for a wisteria vine!


It was so tempting to grab some artichokes…they looked so yummy. 🙂  Good thing that they have signs posted: “Please Do Not Pick.”  Actually, I was really impressed to discover that they were selling homemade jams in the Museum Store made from the stone fruits grown in the garden.  Very cool!


“Please Do Not Feed Animals”



A tiny peek inside…


I SERIOUSY want to make some bread in this bad boy!



Oh, and a quick little gander down the well had us freaking out over the beauty of native maidenhair ferns growing on the moist rock walls.


What a thing of beauty!  This little gem is completely worth your own personal tour.  Next time I am bringing a picnic!!



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