The begginings of my dining room mini makeover–reupholstery!

Happy Monday everyone!   Chanda here, ready to honor the three day weekend and Labor Day with the beginnings of a bigger project….cuz it’s for MI CASA.

Here is the deal, I inherited my great-grandmother’s dining set.  It was the table I grew up eating at every day because my mother was the first one to inherit the mahogany beauty.  It was only passed on to me because of a ridiculous score my mom made at an estate sale last year.  With her new beautiful dining set moved in, she needed a new home for the 85 year old family heirloom.  Haha, my sister basically said, “It’s not my style, but I will die if it’s not in the fam….give it to Chanda!”  I think there may have been a mild death threat if I didn’t give it a home to be cherished in….I think it was also hitting a major nostalgic nerve with the concept that now my children would grow up around the same table.

Honestly, I’m hugely sentimental and was crazy-excited to make a home for my new inheritance.  But, after a year with my kids (and let’s face it, my husband, too), the 85 year old finish was proving inefficient.  The gorgeous mahogany had NO immunity against coffee cups, spilled food or sweating glasses of cold milk.  RINGSSS!!!

So, here is the state of things today:


Ummm, did you notice in the first pic the perfect outline of my daughter’s placemat?  Gotta love a 6 year old’s spills that seep without detection til the end of a meal!

Sooo, in true Zest it Up fashion, I am coming to the defense of gorgeous furniture and blending it with a mini makeover!  Check in over the next couple of Monday’s, and you will see refinishing projects, knitting projects, and more…..for today, it’s reupholstering!!

Obviously, my uber cool Pottery Barn wool rug (a $20 find at our local GoodWill Outlet..tee-hee) does NOT mix with the upholstery that is in place on my inherited dining set.  The fabric itself isn’t 85 years old….but I can’t go on living with it anymore.  I’m amazed that I have coexisted with something so outdated and let’s face it…repulsively clashing.

Where is the screwdriver and staple gun!?!

DSC_2689Tee-hee, I am so excited that I had a cool coffee bag in the garage!  I can’t wait for the results!

DSC_2690I decided to keep the old textile in place, because as you will see when it’s flipped over, my 85 year old chairs are padded with horse hair……..I didn’t want any of that poking through the burlap!

DSC_2692Flipped over, the first step was to remove the four screws holding the seat in it’s place.  Then, after cutting my burlap to fit, I started stapling.

DSC_2693It’s super important to work on all four sides at once, ensuring that the upholstery job is snug and even.  I started with two staples on one side, then went to the opposing side and did two more.  Then, rotate and do two on the other two sides….smooothing and pulling snug all the while.  Work, rotating the entire time, til you are at your corners.  Time to fold:

DSC_2703 copyDSC_2704 copyDSC_2701All four corners secured with 4 staples…it was time to reattach the seat and check out my handy-work!
DSC_2706Oh boy, I am loving the new look of my chairs!!  Updated and edgy for sure!


DSC_2718DSC_2724They look great with the style of my rug…and you can see the potential once my table is completely refinished where I have started the sanding process.

DSC_2726I’m getting excited!  Check in next Monday to see where I’m at with my mini-makeover.



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