Sweet Cacti Succulent Terrarium

Happy Saturday Zesters!

Today I decided to do a project I have been wanting to do for SUCH a long time! I feel like everywhere I go in San Luis little terrariums are budding up. For this weeks blog I decided to attempt making a Cacti Succulent Terrarium. I figured if I can keep these guys alive long enough I can then upgrade to have a pet beta fish or something. Here goes my next step toward adult responsibility…:).


– A pot or container. I used two old baking pans I inherited from my parents house.
– One package of Miracle Grow Cactus, Palm & Citrus Soil.
– Desired Succulents and Cacti.


I went to the Home Depot and picked out my succulents and cacti. They had a huge variety! They’ve seemed to pick up on the trend too :). Below are the winning plants. I separated them into which ones I wanted together. Once I had my orders set I put soil into a third of each pan. Then loosened the roots of the first plant and placed it in the corner. I then placed the next plant, and the next, until they were in their places. I filled the gaps with extra soil, lightly patting the soil down as I went. Once both terrariums were fully arranged, I watered them with a half cup of water. According to the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose, plants should be drenched with water once a week, however, this process involves having holed pots…looks like I will be doing some drilling if I want to keep my plants long term. Here is the link to their website for more info about succulent and cacti care: http://www.csssj.org/welcome_visitors/basic_culture.html. There are pictures below showing my full process!


The first cacti succulent selection for the larger baking pan.


Here is the second selection for the smaller pan.





Pictured is the first of many 2.5″ Grafted Cacti I used. Next time I do this I would start with my biggest succulent first.



Look at those roots on the Mini Blue Chalk Fingers Succulent!


photo (1)

The next added lavender succulent is the Sedum Craigii. Also, be sure to lightly pat down the soil once you have filled in the gaps.



This pokey fellow is commonly known as a Toothpick Cactus.


photo (4)

So as you can see I added two more 2.5″ Grafted Cacti and then some Spider Aloe to finish the first terrarium up!



Here is a more visual view of what you want your loosened roots to look like, on this Blue Chalk Sticks Succulent.


Hooray for more 2.5″ Grafted Cacti! You can also see the ‘Hibotan’ Cacti I added in the corner, along with more Sedum Craigii.




Comment or message me with your links if you have ever made any Cacti, Succulent, or combo terrariums! Feel free to also ask any questions as well.

Enjoy the weekend!



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