Sunset Drive In Swap Meet

Thrifty Thursday

One of my favorite past times growing up in San Diego is going to the swap meet with my mom or brothers on Saturday mornings. (I know, I was meant to be a zester I tell ya!) I would arrive bright and early with my fanny pack of 5’s and 10’s and a list of crafty things I wanted to find. It was only considered a “successful” trip if I found at least one item on my list or had some stellar find that just really outdid them all. I would also have my “usual” peeps that I would visit, my favorite being the “50 cent man.” He literally had piles of jewelry and odd trinkets on tables and everything was 50 cents. Oh how heavenly it was. But with all that said, we all know that I am no longer residing in San Diego. SOOooooo I must take what I can get- and for SLO that means Sunset Swap Meet. Have you been? Grab a coffee and throw your fanny pack on (wait you don’t have one? eehhmmm that must change) and head on over to the swap meet every Sunday am.


They have all kinds of thrifty finds, just imagine 50 garage sales all lined up for your convenience.


Yep even fresh fruit, get your farmers market vibes on!!


My brother Sky & his fiancé Michaela joined me, makes for a cute day date?


Curious of my thrifty finds?

Surf leash $8

Beanie $2

Statement Necklace $1

Daisy Dress $3

Boho Shorts $1


swap meet finds_0097

swap meet finds_0096



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